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Notice of Domestic Delivery Within UK

To ensure the safety of the our British customers can quickly received, recently, we have 100 kg steroids powder materials by sea smooth customs clearance, will soon arrived in the UK warehouse and Transit people, this is our company 4 times for warehouse stock since this year, before the inventory has been sold out.

In addition, with the increasing difficulty of transportation and the increasing cost of transportation, we intend to raise the product price or freight in the future.

If you haven't buy or are planning to buy steroid powder, if you want domestic delivery from the UK, please contact with our mailbox to find our sales staff to negotiation and cooperation, 100 kg usually after a month or so to will sell out.

Buy quickly if you need. Domestic delivery is not something that every supplier can do, and only we can do it now, and we can't guarantee that we will always be able to do it.

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