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Steroid Cycles For Women

The goals of the female seeking to get into steroids should be considered before you take them. Very heavy steroid me is necessary for those seeking to compete in a national level to be able to win anything at all. For those women, milder androgens should be used with high doses and customary stacking. Nearly all women out there are mostly recreational lifters or small time competitors given that they do not have the genetics nor interest to go completely in competition. The few suggestions here is oriented towards those that want to compete at local, state and also the greatest level of competition.

An average female steroid user friend of mine started of with: advanced steroids for ladies

Primo 100mg/week started at approximately 75mg/weekend increased to 100 by about week 6
EQ at 75mg/week
Winstrol 10mg/day in 2 doses
Winstrol 20mg/day orally by 50 percent doses/day
Winstrol 25mg IM every 3rd day
Testosterone at 60mg/week of prop, 15mg almost daily for six weeks only.
Nandrolone phenylprop 100mg/week. This is started at about 75mg/week and increased to 100 after about week 6.
Taken at 25mg every second day because of short half life.
Nandrolone phenylprop 75mg/week and anavar 20mg/day in three doses/day.
Anavar 10mg/day in 2 doses
Anavar 15mg/day in three doses
Anavar 20mg/day in three doses
Anavar 25mg/day in three doses

A great effects were achieved from your above results and outputted good strength gain and muscle gain. Bloating have also been experienced on all cycles with Nandrolone giving a tad bit more bloating as opposed to runners (except for Test) and no pain was proficient in the shoulder region throughout a heavy lifting routine.

It is important to steer clear of the strong androgens for example IM Tren, D-bol, Test, etc. Take into account that even mild androgens can be quite androgenic if taken in high doses. One of the most androgenic within the cycle above is Test followed by Eq and many types of others may be ranked around the identical doses although a few androgenic side effects can be experienced with higher doses of Winstrol IM.

Androgenetic unwanted effects may be minimal in doses only 1 to 15 mg of Wistrol and Var for example bloating and minor acne about the shoulders. Again acne was experienced about the shoulders on all cycles and it showed being worst on Eq and Test and a slight voice hoarseness that went away after stopping and it seemed worst of Eq and major voice cracking on Eq.

A respectable amount of new hair growth was noticed on Make sure short while on steroids except low doses of winny and occasional doses of Var. Her clitoris also got larger and thicker on Test.

My friend liked the Var and Primo comparable with Var being her number 1 choice brand since it continues to be tested as pure and well dosed. Her second options are Loeffler. Her liver panel and lipid panel stayed unchanged after 60 days on 25mg of Var daily.

Avoid Prop and Deca as nandrolone phenylprop is safer and one can stop taking them if the sides get bad. Know that Primo is mainly always faked (Deca) which if it is real it will be in the long acting etser. Eq is a long acting ester. Should you choose get bad sides it is possible to discontinue the cycle with short clearing and acting inejectables.

There are several big mistakes that girls make when taking steroids for example taking up to 50mg of IM Winstrol every day as this is a lot of and lots of claim that Winstrol is in charge of bad unwanted effects when in reality it is the IM route and excessive dosage. Many available don't understand that IM steroids tend to be more bioavailable than oral steroids and therefore doses needs to be lowered.

Stacking is not needed for all aside from those who find themselves advanced competitors as it could cause excessive doses and androgenic sides. It is advisable to try out each steroid separately before trying to stack them.

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