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steroids are legal to possess in the UK

Buying steroids in the UK is actually easier than the majority of countries. This may sound like a strange statement to make, considering the UK generally has some of the toughest drug laws, but once we delve deeper into the technicalities we can see that there are some loopholes.

UK Steroid Law
Ok firstly lets clarify what the UK law on steroids actually says in the UK about Steroids. Bear in mind this will not cover Southern Ireland (Eire) or Scotland if, and when they go through devolution.
Steroids are legal in the UK for personal use. However, they are illegal to manufacture or distribute. If you are thinking this is a strange situation you are not alone, it is your classic chicken and egg problem.

There are some little know details however to this law. Firstly they must not be counterfeit. This is not to mean they don't contain real steroids, but also whether they are counterfeited branded steroids.

A high percentage of steroids imported from countries such as Mexico, Russia and Thailand are unfortunately counterfeit due to low Intellectual property protection and enforcement.

If they counterfeit then are you are breaking the law, even by possessing them.

Secondly they must be in medicinal form. If they are not, this is a clear sign that a Doctor has not prescribed them and once again you are breaking the law, even just by possessing. Examples of non-medicinal form are ‘paper steroids’, where steroids are impregnated into paper using a similar method as was used for LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), this is popular due to the ease of concealment for smuggling.

So to conclude: steroids are legal to possess in the UK, but not to make or sell; as long as they are for personal use, not counterfeit and in medicinal form.

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