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Melanotan II
Melanotan II Melanotan II
  • Melanotan II

  • Category : Peptides
  • CAS No : 121062-08-6
  • Molecular formula : C50H69N15O9
  • Molecular weight : 1024.18 g/mol
  • Assay : 98%
  • Supply ability : 2,000 kits per month
  • Delivery time : 3-5 working days


Detailed Info

Name: Melanotan II Acetate (MT-II)
CAS No.: 121062-08-6 
Molecular Formula: C50H71N15O10
Molecular Weight: 1042.1932
Property: White powder
Assay: 99%
Packing: As your request

Benefits : Prevents skin cancer, reduces skin damage (due to UV radiation from the sun), increases libido in both male and females (produces Bremalanotide), can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. 

How does it work?

Melanotan 2 works by stimulating the release of the pigment melanin from the skin. Less UV exposure is necessary with Melanotan 2 compared to “normal tanning”, and the tan that occurs with tanning injections is deeper and longer lasting than an individual’s “normal tan”. Melanotan works best (has the most noticeable effects) on people with fair skin tones.

How is MT2 Used?

The peptide is shipped enclosed in a vial.   It is in a powder dried form that must be reconstituted using sterile water and then injected under the skin (subcutaneously) where it is absorbed into the skin and spread throughout.  


Lasting Tan:  Even if the dosage is stopped, a warm sun-kissed tan can last for months at a time without any exposure to the sun.  Conversely, tans developed naturally fade in around a months time.

Flexibility of Use:  Able to take a small loading dose with continued dosing until desired skin pigmentation is achieved.  Once achieved only need to dose once every couple of weeks to maintain the same pigment.  

Reduced exposure to sunlight (UV rays):  Melanotan still needs exposure to sunlight to be effective.  However, it will allow the user a significant reduction in time to develop the desired tan.

This product is intended as a research chemical only. This designation allows the use of research chemicals strictly for in vitro testing and laboratory experimentation only.

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