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Boldenone Acetate
Boldenone Acetate Boldenone Acetate Boldenone Acetate
  • Boldenone Acetate

  • Category : Boldenone Steroid
  • CAS No : 846-46-0
  • Molecular formula : C21H28O3
  • Molecular weight : 328.45
  • Assay : 97.0%~103.0%
  • Supply ability : 400kg/month
  • Delivery time : 4-8 working days from uk door-to-door


Boldenone Acetate Effect

Boldenone Acetate is containing 25mg/ml with the hormone boldenone attatched for the acetate ester and 75mg/ml in the hormone boldenone attatched towards the propiopate ester. Having Boldenone attatched to these esters provides for it to boost blood levels in short order and also for the effects to be faster than those seen with the slower ester of traditional EQ. This may favor athletes trying to run shorter cycles and those who have concerns about frequent drug testing and want to be able to clear hormones from other system on time.

Boldenone Acetate is going to be an excruciating injection.It can be effectively incorporated in both "cutting" and "bulking" cycles due to well balanced connection between this anabolic substance. This steroid aromatizes almost no, and so produces very little estrogenic side effects such as water retention or "gyno"

Boldenone Acetate will be more serious to raises red blood cells, raise the appetite, and repaire connective tissue which are additionally a huge plus for bodybuilders during training.Since it dramatically increases protein synthesis and red blood cell count, nutrients are transported through the body much more effectively. For that reason, Boldenone Acetate will be able to make far more use of less food, enhancing its capabilities as an effective hormone to make use of when "cutting" Also, the increased red blood cell count caused by this steroid also increases oxygen transportation during the entire body, thus giving athletes and bodybuilders considerably more endurance along with the chance to endure cardio sessions a lot longer amounts of time, which obviously makes this drug a lot more well-liked by those planning to shed unwanted fat.

Boldenone Acetate Cycle

Boldenone acetate needs to be run at 300-800 milligrams (mgs) a week with injections done a minimum of every 2-3 days. The recommended cycle duration with boldenone acetate is 6-12 weeks,determined by goals. Some guys like to stack a little testosterone or trenbolone by it; along with the beautiful area of the acetate version is the fact that no kickstart is necessary, so that you reduce the need to use an oral to start things off.

Boldenone Acetate is white solid powder,increase nitrogen retention, protein synthesis,increases appetito and energizes the relieve erythropoietin from the kidneys.

Steroid ointment. It can be just about the most popular utilized in veterinary steroids, found in veterinary medicine.Male hormone level is incredibly high, the synthetic effect is also very strong.Bao Dan ketone may be effective, stable and sustainable growth muscle and strength, better if along with other drugs, is among the most popular found in veterinary the best way to hold the muscles following your "cycle" among the steroid (and also other gang of drug, stanozolol, HGH, pure testosterone, etc.). Furthermore, the natural conditions in the human body can establish trace numbers of Boldenone.








:    White or white solid powder

white solid powder


:    98.0%min



:    Clear & clarifying


Melting Point

:    125°C min


Loss On Drying

:    1.0%max



The specification conform with enterprise standard

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