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100IU HGH Growth Hormone Steroid
  • 100IU HGH Growth Hormone Steroid

  • Category : Growth Hormone Steroid
  • CAS No : 100IU
  • Molecular formula : 10161-34-9
  • Molecular weight : C20H24O3
  • Assay : 99%
  • Supply ability : 1000kits/month
  • Delivery time : 3~5 days


We are Walk Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. We supply steroiud hormone powder, kinds HGH and other polypeptide powder. All can domestic delivery in UK and other European countries, 100% safe.


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is not only one of the most beneficial hormones our body produces, but one of the most sought after in exogenous form. In an exogenous form, HGH is identical to the naturally produced hormone, and represents not only one of the most beneficial exogenous hormones but one of the most well-tolerated among men and women. Its high level of toleration applies not only to medicinal use but performance enhancement as well.

What kind of benefits does HGH give you?

Helps you to achieve the body shape you’ve dreamed of without doing anything super difficult.

Reduces the belly fat, which makes 6 packs visible.

Fastens the process of gaining lean muscles.

Lessens the pain in your joints.

Improves your general condition.

Strengthens your hair and betters your skin.

We offer you original Jintropin for sale.



For muscle gains and other bodybuilding effects – 4-8 IU/day for 4-6 months.

Fat loss – 2-4 IU/day

HRT and cosmetic – 1-3 IU/day

Questions & Answers

1.How to pay?

Customers pay with Western Union, Bank Transfer, Bitcoins, Or Cash all available. Even you can pay to our domestic contact, we have cash receivers in USA and Canada and some countries 

from Europe.


2. When will you provide the tracking number after receiving payments?

It takes only 1 or 2 days, the tracking numbers will be provided, if we have no stock of your orders, it will be delayed a little while but not too long.


3. Samples available?

Cheap sample is available to be provided, only charges a little shipping fees, if customers wouldn’t like to pay the shipping fees, samples not to go. About expensive sample, we can talk in 

details then, any good customers all pleased to pay.


4. How to make big order no issue of safety and seizure?

The best and safest way is with domestic shipping, we have stock for general items, if no stock of your orders, it takes a little longer time. 100% safe with domestic delivery.


5. How to build a long-term business relationship for both of us?

 We have the best method for receiving payments and safest shipping goods by domestic way, those are the basic things for long-term business relationship.

Benefits of HGH

Lean muscle gains. HGH for sale would be a perfect choice for person who prefer quality to quantity and do not want to gain extra fat bulking.

Fat loss. Growth hormone induce retrieving of fat in form of free fatty acids from fat folders. Also, it accelerates metabolism. Fat loss is noticeable especially in belly area.

Simultaneous muscle growth and fat loss. Each and every bodybuilder dreams of gaining muscle and losing fat at the same period of time. HGH makes it real by mechanism of using fat (free fatty acids) as a primary source of energy.

Division of muscle cells. This effect is called hyperplasia of skeletal muscle cells. After muscle cell is big enough growth hormone induces its division on 2 smaller cells thus increasing genetic muscle growth limit.

Permanent results. Unlike steroids, HGH gives permanent results. You will not lose 50 % of achievements after end of a cycle.

Improvement in cartilage. Accelerates collagen and elastin synthesis, thus, healing joints and ligaments and preventing sport injuries.

Improvement of skin. As well as cartilage skin consists of collagen and elastin and effect of HGH on skin is very significant from the first weeks.

Mild side effects. Growth hormone is considered as safe sport drug because it does not causes strong side effects as steroids do. Common adverse effects are fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome and injection site reactions.


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