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Hygetropin HGH 200iu / Kit
Hygetropin HGH 200iu / Kit Hygetropin HGH 200iu / Kit
  • Hygetropin HGH 200iu / Kit

  • Category : Human Growth Hormone
  • CAS No : 200 iu
  • Molecular formula : Hygetropin HGH
  • Molecular weight : Hygetropin best price
  • Assay : 99%
  • Supply ability : 1000kit/month
  • Delivery time : 3~days


We are Walk Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. We supply steroiud hormone powder, kinds HGH and other polypeptide powder. All can domestic delivery in UK and other European countries, 100% safe.

Hygetropin is an 191 amino acid sequence somatropin of medium quality. While it is identical to human body’s own growth hormone, the freeze dried powder may contain some bacterial residue. Users are reporting different results from batch to batch. There are some reports of painful red welts around injection spots, which may be an indication of immune response. This is a potentially dangerous side effect as it may lead to the body developing immunity to it’s naturally produced growth hormone as well.

Hygene was able to create hGH identical to natural hGH and stable unrefrigerated in room temperature for over 3 weeks before reconstituted with the solvent.
With an emphesize on gene engineering. Using Hygene secretion type expressive and growth hormone proteinum stabilization techlonogy, Hygetropin is ensured to have high purity and highest quality possible recombinant hGH, all while still creating excellent value for the consumer

Effective dosages seem to be in the area of 4-10 IU/day. Cycle length is usually determined by how long the athlete can afford it. Some take the product for 6 week cycles, others use it year round.

Hygetropin HGH 200iu / Kit

What to expect of HGH cycle?

HGH for sale

Estimated results of HGH

Result of cycle very depends on such factors as dosage, nutrition, training, body weight, age, experience etc. But in general on 5 IU/day 4-6 months cycle you will gain about 10-15 lbs of lean muscle tissue and lose 10 of fat. Also, your joints will start to feel better and overall appearance will improve.

How to combine HGH?

Although somatropin is anabolicaly potent by itself it would be better to combine it with other anabolic – AAS and insulin.

HGH + AAS. There are no special cycles of HGH and AAS – you can just add HGH to your desired or current cycle, but in terms of cutting, it would be better to use it with fat burning potent steroids such as Anavar, Winstrol. Also, consider HGH as a good addition to strong cycle of different roids on bulking because it will make your gains much cleaner and leaner.

HGH+ insulin. Combination with insulin is only for experienced users. Insulin is a dangerous drug and incautious usage is harmful. Also, insulin may be required if your dosage is higher than 8 IU to prevent suppression of pancreas.

Special Advantages: Domestic Delivery


We provide domestic delivery from Europe countries, and from USA, Canada, and South America. Anyone who needs this domestic delivery service have to pay more. It is the safest way that only we can give to customers.


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