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Kigtropin HGH 100iu injected use
Kigtropin HGH 100iu injected use Kigtropin HGH 100iu injected use
  • Kigtropin HGH 100iu injected use

  • Category : Human Growth Hormone
  • CAS No : 100iu
  • Molecular formula : Kigtropin green top
  • Molecular weight : 10iu / vial
  • Assay : 99%
  • Supply ability : 1000kits / month
  • Delivery time : 3~5 days


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Kigtropin HGH 100iu injected use

specification: 100iu/kit, 10iu/vial

package: 10vial/kit

Factory: From China

Use: Fat loss, Muscle growth, bodybuilding

Delivery: 3~5 days Domestic delivery in UK.


Kigtropin is a brand name of human growth hormone that is produced synthetically and it is used to replace natural HGH that is produced by the pituitary gland. HGH was once a very expensive drug, but it is now much more commonly available.

For example, Sylvester Stallone had to pay a fine to an Australian court for possessing HGH and Tiger Wood’s physician was recently charged with HGH possession and administering it to patients.

Today, due to inexpensive supplies that can be purchased on the internet, primarily from Chinese sources, Kigtropin is widely used.

In the U.K. some fitness centers have installed bins for needles since many members have been leaving used syringes lying about.

Since Kigtropin is so widely used, many novices ask experienced users ‘What is Kigtropin HGH?

Synthetic HGH, such as Kigtropin seems like a perfect solution to many people that want to bulk up.

Particularly people that are engaging in competitive sports or bodybuilding competitions.

Kigtropin HGH

People have seen the results that other users are getting and want to experience it for themselves.

What is Kigtropin HGH? It is a highly effective bodybuilding and strength enhancing supplement.

Most often Kigtropin is used in cycles. It may be three months on and then off for one month. It is usually injected daily using 4 to 5 IUs/injection.

Most users experience increased muscle density and muscle mass and an increase in energy.

In addition, HGH users do not experience the increased aggression that is normally induced by anabolic steroid use.

Kigtropin can also significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to recover from injuries such as muscles or tendon tears. Most physicians will tell you that HGH certainly has some therapeutic benefits.

General Guidelines

But what if you want to use Somatropin or Kigtropinfor other reasons?

There’s really no consensus regarding your Kigtropin HGH dosage, although there are some general guidelines.

Before you start, you should be aware that HGH is measured in either IUs or mg. One mg is approximately 3 IUs.

  • 2 IUs. Generally, when you take less than 3 IUs per day, you won’t suffer any side effects. This is the typical HGH dose for anti-aging and general wellness. Gradually, you may notice lots of beneficial side effects. You’ll feel more alive and energetic, you’ll be able to sleep better, and the condition of your skin may improve. Some even report that they can reduce the weight they gain (or they don’t gain weight at all) even when they eat junk food on occasion.

  • 4 to 6 IUs. At this level, you’re aiming for more than general wellbeing. You want to be really fit, like an athlete. This is the HGH bodybuilding dosage you need of you’re going to spend some real time in the gym, either because you wish to lose excess weight or you want to gain some serious muscles.

  • 8 to 16 IUs. This is a massive daily dose, so you usually you can only do this for a short time until your body complains with some serious side effects. This is a HGH dose for injury repair that maximizes the healing properties of HGH. This HGH dose for healing is usually reserved for when you’re recovering from a serious injury, or when severe burns need to be treate


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